Beeldtaal vanuit kunst en muziek

Music and glass. What do they have in common?

New possibilities will come up with this creative twist to increase knowledge and abilities for the pupils.
The pupils will make music and work with glass based on a theme. Both aspects will be connected in a playful way. We will use music and art samples from history and daily life.

Music or art experience are not acquired.

We will bring instruments and glass.

It’s possible to insert our workshops in a projectweek or link them to a theme given by the school. The workshops are in accordance with the “Leerlijnen van het Ministerie van Onderwijs.”


Instrumental:      the instruments are partly self-made and will show the children that music doesn’t have not to be linked to classical


Glass:                  using different sorts of glass the children will learn how multilaterally this material is.





Glaskunstenares Marjolein Wigbold

Please contact me for further information:

Bernadette Mannuß,  Bachelor of Arts Therapies (B AT)


Telefoon: +31 (0) 6 10285406

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